jalopy - Java Source Code Formatter Beautifier Pretty Printer

Distribution: RPM Universal
Repository: JPackage 5.0 all
Package name: jalopy
Package version: 1.5
Package release: 0.rc3.2.jpp5
Package architecture: noarch
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 1.16 MB
Download size: 1.09 MB
Official Mirror: mirrors.dotsrc.org
Jalopy is a source code formatter for the Sun Java programming language. It layouts any valid Java source code according to some widely configurable rules; to meet a certain coding style without putting a formatting burden on individual developers. With Jalopy you will be able to transform any foreign coding style to your own preferences, without any browbeating or bloodletting.



  • jalopy = 1.5-0.rc3.2.jpp5


    Install Howto

    Fedora, CentOS, RHEL:
    1. Download the latest jpackage-release rpm from
    2. Install jpackage-release rpm:
      # rpm -Uvh jpackage-release*rpm
    3. Install jalopy rpm package:
      # yum install jalopy
    1. Add the JPackage 5.0 repository:
      # zypper addrepo http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/jpackage/5.0/generic/free/ jpackage-5.0
    2. Install jalopy rpm package:
      # zypper install jalopy
    Mandriva, Mageia:
    1. Add the JPackage 5.0 repository:
      # urpmi.addmedia jpackage-5.0 http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/jpackage/5.0/generic/free/ with hdlist.cz
    2. Update packages list:
      # urpmi.update -a
    3. Install jalopy rpm package:
      # urpmi jalopy


    • /etc/maven/fragments/jalopy
    • /usr/bin/jalopy
    • /usr/bin/jalopy-settings
    • /usr/share/java/jalopy-1.5.jar
    • /usr/share/java/jalopy.jar
    • /usr/share/maven2/poms/JPP-jalopy.pom


    2009-04-27 - Ralph Apel <r.apel at r-apel.de> - 0:1.5-0.rc3.2.jpp5 - Minor fixes

    2009-04-02 - Ralph Apel <r.apel at r-apel.de> - 0:1.5-0.rc3.1.jpp5 - 1.5 - subpackages dropped

    2006-06-19 - Ralph Apel <r.apel at r-apel.de> - 0:1.0-0.b11.1jpp - Adapt to eclipse-3.1.* and JPP-1.7 - Upgrade to 1.0-b11 - Rename ant-jalopy to jalopy-ant, eclipse-jalopy to jalopy-eclipse with corresponding Provides/Obsoletes

    2006-02-16 - Ralph Apel <r.apel at r-apel.de> - 0:1.0-0.b10.8jpp - Adapt to eclipse-3.0.2 and JPP-1.7

    2004-11-13 - Ville Skyttä <scop at jpackage.org> - 0:1.0-0.b10.7jpp - BuildRequire ant-trax.

    2004-09-25 - Ralph Apel <r.apel at r-apel.de> - 0:1.0-0.b10.6jpp - Patch to adapt to jdom-1.0 final - Require eclipse-* >= 2.1.3 because of plugin dir location

    2004-08-23 - Randy Watler <rwatler at finali.com> - 0:1.0-0.b10.5jpp - Rebuild with ant-1.6.2

    2003-11-14 - Ville Skyttä <scop at jpackage.org> - 0:1.0-0.b10.4jpp - Eclipse plugins are now in %{_datadir}/eclipse. - Clean up non-versioned javadoc dir symlinking. - Rename jalopy-preferences to jalopy-settings. - Add freedesktop.org menu entry for jalopy-settings. - Fix manual XSL. - Save .spec in UTF-8, some small cleanups.

    2003-06-16 - Ville Skyttä <scop at jpackage.org> - 0:1.0-0.b10.3jpp - Get rid of Class-Paths in manifests, add missing oro.jar to base jars in %{_bindir}/jalopy.

    2003-03-01 - Ville Skyttä <scop at jpackage.org> - 0:1.0-0.b10.2jpp - Update for JPackage 1.5. - Build Eclipse plugin. (jEdit plugin builds, but doesn't work, deferred) - Rename ant plugin to ant-jalopy. - Force use of Saxon when building docs, Xalan from J2SE 1.4 is too buggy.