jargs - Java command line option parsing suite

Distribution: RPM Universal
Repository: JPackage 6.0 all
Package name: jargs
Package version: 1.0
Package release: 3.jpp6
Package architecture: noarch
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 11.98 KB
Download size: 13.83 KB
Official Mirror: mirrors.dotsrc.org
This tiny project provides a convenient, compact, pre-packaged and comprehensively documented suite of command line option parsers for the use of Java programmers. Initially, parsing compatible with GNU-style 'getopt' is provided. Why use JArgs rather than other similar libraries? Because it's easy to use, thoroughly tested, well documented and liberally licenced (BSD licence so no GNU messiness). The package is small and without frills, but is functional, and contains code that has been in production use for quite some time. Originally started by Steve Purcell, this project is now maintained by Ewan Mellor.



  • jargs = 1.0-3.jpp6


    Source package: jargs-1.0-3.jpp6.src.rpm

    Install Howto

    Fedora, CentOS, RHEL:
    1. Download the latest jpackage-release rpm from
    2. Install jpackage-release rpm:
      # rpm -Uvh jpackage-release*rpm
    3. Install jargs rpm package:
      # yum install jargs
    1. Add the JPackage 6.0 repository:
      # zypper addrepo http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/jpackage/6.0/generic/free/ jpackage-6.0
    2. Install jargs rpm package:
      # zypper install jargs
    Mandriva, Mageia:
    1. Add the JPackage 6.0 repository:
      # urpmi.addmedia jpackage-6.0 http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/jpackage/6.0/generic/free/ with hdlist.cz
    2. Update packages list:
      # urpmi.update -a
    3. Install jargs rpm package:
      # urpmi jargs


    • /etc/maven/fragments/jargs
    • /usr/share/java/jargs-1.0.jar
    • /usr/share/java/jargs.jar
    • /usr/share/maven2/poms/JPP-jargs.pom


    2010-01-09 - Will Tatam <will.tatam@red61.com> 1.0-3 - Auto rebuild for JPackage 6 in centos5 mock

    2009-07-10 - David Walluck <dwalluck@redhat.com> 0:1.0-2 - spec cleanup

    2009-06-12 - Ralph Apel <r.apel at r-apel.de> - 0:1.0-1.jpp5 - First release