freetype-utils - A collection of FreeType utilities

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Package filename freetype-utils-2.1.9-6.el4.i386.rpm
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Package version 2.1.9
Package release 6.el4
Package architecture i386
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The FreeType engine is a free and portable TrueType font rendering
engine, developed to provide TrueType support for a variety of
platforms and environments. FreeType is a library which can open and
manages font files as well as efficiently load, hint and render
individual glyphs. FreeType is not a font server or a complete
text-rendering library.


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freetype-utils - - -


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freetype = 2.1.9-6.el4 - - - - -


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freetype-utils = 2.1.9-6.el4


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Binary Package freetype-utils-2.1.9-6.el4.i386.rpm
Source Package freetype-2.1.9-6.el4.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest olea-repo-release rpm from
  2. Install olea-repo-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh olea-repo-release*rpm
  3. Install freetype-utils rpm package:
    # yum install freetype-utils




2007-05-29 - Behdad Esfahbod <> 2.1.9-6.el4
- Add freetype-2.1.9-ttf-overflow.patch
- Resolves: #240574
2007-04-05 - Behdad Esfahbod <> 2.1.9-5
- Add freetype-2.2.1-bdf-overflow.patch
- Resolves: #234228
2006-07-27 - Ray Strode <> - 2.1.9-4.el4
- assume any allocation over 32bits is an overflow, even
on 64-bit platforms
- remove memory debugging disabling patch
2006-07-27 - Ray Strode <> - 2.1.9-3.rhel4
- add null check to prevent crasher on one of the test files
2006-07-27 - Ray Strode <> - 2.1.9-3
- add patch from Behdad Esfahbod <> to
correct freetype crasher issues (bugs 200033, 199397, 200179,
2006-07-24 - Peter Jones <> - 2.1.9-2.rhel4.4
- Fix error handling in utility functions used by pango
2006-06-27 - Matthew Barnes <> - 2.1.9-1.rhel4.4
- Yet more fixes for CVE-2006-1861.
2006-06-01 - Matthew Barnes <> - 2.1.9-1.rhel4.3
- Fixed another uninitialized pointer, this one in FT_Realloc().
2006-05-10 - Matthew Barnes <> - 2.1.9-1.rhel4.2
- Fixed an uninitialized pointer in FT_QRealloc().
2006-05-04 - Matthew Barnes <> - 2.1.9-1.rhel4.1
- Fixes for CVE-2006-1861 and CVE-2006-0747

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