opensc - Smart card library and applications

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Package filename opensc-opendnie-0.12.2-1.fc14.i686.rpm
Package name opensc
Package version opendnie
Package release 0.12.2-1.fc14
Package architecture i686
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OpenSC is a package for for accessing smart card devices.  Basic
functionality (e.g. SELECT FILE, READ BINARY) should work on any ISO
7816-4 compatible smart card.  Encryption and decryption using private
keys on the smart card is possible with PKCS #15 compatible cards,
such as the FINEID (Finnish Electronic IDentity) card.  Swedish Posten
eID cards have also been confirmed to work.
This package is an special recompilation of OpenSC-0.12.1 with the
addition of support for Spanish DNIe ( eID card from Spain Country)
from OpenDNIe project


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opensc - - -


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/sbin/ldconfig - - - - - - - - -
pcsc-lite-libs(x86-32) -
rtld(GNU_HASH) -


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config(opensc) = 0.12.2-1.fc14 - -
opensc = 0.12.2-1.fc14
opensc(x86-32) = 0.12.2-1.fc14 - -


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mozilla-opensc-signer < 0.12.0
opensc-devel < 0.12.0


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Binary Package opensc-opendnie-0.12.2-1.fc14.i686.rpm
Source Package opensc-0.12.2-1.fc14.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Download latest olea-repo-release rpm from
  2. Install olea-repo-release rpm:
    # rpm -Uvh olea-repo-release*rpm
  3. Install opensc rpm package:
    # yum install opensc




2011-07-17 - Juan Antonio Martinez <> - 0.12.2-1
- Update to 0.12.2
- See NEWS for OpenSC changes
- Merged with OpenDNIe branch from git://
2011-05-18 - Kalev Lember <> - 0.12.1-1
- Update to 0.12.1 (#705743)
- Removed BR libtool-ltdl-devel to build with glibc's libdl instead
2011-04-12 - Tomas Mraz <> - 0.12.0-4
- drop multilib conflicting and duplicated doc file (#695368)
2011-02-08 - Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.12.0-3
- Rebuilt for
2011-01-03 - Kalev Lember <> - 0.12.0-2
- Disabled asserts
2011-01-03 - Kalev Lember <> - 0.12.0-1
- Update to 0.12.0
- Removed and obsoleted mozilla-opensc-signer and opensc-devel subpackages
- Dropped patches which are now upstreamed
- It is no longer possible to build in both pcsc-lite and openct support,
so opensc now gets built exclusively with pcsc-lite.
2010-12-21 - Tomas Mraz <> - 0.11.13-6
- fix buffer overflow on rogue card serial numbers
2010-10-19 - Tomas Mraz <> - 0.11.13-5
- own the _libdir/pkcs11 subdirectory (#644527)
2010-09-07 - Tomas Mraz <> - 0.11.13-4
- fix build with new pcsc-lite
2010-08-11 - Rex Dieter <> - 0.11.13-3
- build against libassuan1 (f14+)

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